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The Truth About How Long Weed Stays In Your System


One of the most common drugs all over the world is marijuana. Its consumption is allowed in some states but in others it is illegal. Being a user, you may in one or more situations be faced with a drug test. In such situations, there is nothing you desire more than getting having your system clean of the residues as quickly as you can. At other times, you may be interested in getting rid of the weed in your system for your own personal reasons. In either case, the question about how long weed lasts in your system arises.


To be able to answer this question, there are several things that you must consider. There has been a number of falsehoods that revolve around how weed takes in your system. It is important that you differentiate these from the real facts in order to be safe. Weed may take quite a long time to clear from your system because a component in wed called THC combine with your body fats. This means that for your body to be clean of weed, all the fat deposits with the THC have to be clean and it is not a rapid process. To help you get the facts, here are two determinants of how long weed stays in your system.


The first thing is what drug test you are going to undertake to determine the drugs in your body. The most common tests used to test for drugs are the urine, saliva and blood testing. In all the methods, the period taken for weed to clear from your system varies from twenty-four hours to seventy-two days. Of all, the amount of weed in urine is known to take the longest time between eight and seventy-two days. Weed in saliva is known to clear fastest with singe time users clearing their systems as quickly as twenty-four hours. Regular weed users get rid of weed in saliva in only seven days. Get more info at this website!


The second determinant of how long you will need to rid your system of weed is the amount of time your body has been exposed to it. Ordinarily, chronic weed users have more weed resides in their systems and, therefore, need more time. The longest time it can take for a regular weed user to clean their system of weed is fourteen weeks. For the other users, weed will be cleaned from your system naturally in between eight and thirty days. To read more facts on how long weed stays in your system, visit