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The Amount Of Time Weed Will Stay In Your System


If you have been informed that there will be a drug test at your workplace, you should be grateful for the heads up. Some employers actually just do the test without informing you in advance. If you get the heads up early in time, you can immediately stop the use and it might just help. This highly depends on the type of drug test that will be done because it determines if you will dodge the bullet or not. When you know how long weed stays in your system, you will know how to get around it and pass the test. While you cannot really know the exact amount of time weed will be in your body, you can approximate using the tests.


The first test that is most likely what your employer will ask for is the urine test. This is the most dangerous especially when you have been using for a while. The urine test is able to detect even history of use making it one of the most accurate of test. This is the main reason why many prefer it to the other tests. It is also way cheaper than the other tests both to buy the kits and to do. The more frequently you use the drug, the higher the chances of traces being found. Visit site!


Another test that is used but not as much is the saliva drug test. This doesn't say much especially of history but it will detect what has been used within about 12 hours. This test is what is used during road checks by traffic police. It will definitely tell if you are driving under the influence. In other instances, it will not be so effective because weed will not stay in your saliva for a long time. Learn more at this website!


You should have in mind that there is a blood test that can be done to find out how much time weed has taken in your body. A blood test is normally taken and tested in the lab. It is, therefore, crucial to note that it is usually done on two types of people. One of the group consists of those that have consumed cannabis sativa for a long period of time. There is also the other group of those that have taken weed for a short time. For a period of less than twenty fours, weed can be detected for those that have not consumed for long. More than forty eight hours is the time taken to detect weed for the heavy consumers. To have an idea on how long weed stays in your system, visit